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Principal Profile, Clay Crouch, International Marketing Consultant

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New Product Development

Proven experts in international brand strategy and global market development.

International product planning, the continuous job of developing products and product lines to satisfy the constantly changing  desires and needs of the international customer, is a concept on which all global marketing plans and strategies should be based.

When a company plans to enter the market in another country, careful consideration must be given to whether or not the present product lines will prove adequate in a new culture - will they sell in quantities large enough and at prices high enough to be profitable?   If not, what other alternatives are available?  The global marketer has at least three viable alternatives when entering a new international market.

  1. Sell the same product presently sold elsewhere.
  2. Individualize existing products to the tastes and specific needs of the new country.
  3. Develop a totally new product.

Products can be adapted to a new culture in a variety of ways ranging from simple package changes to total redesign of the physical product.  Some need for change becomes obvious with relatively little analysis.  Other necessary changes, however, are recognized only after careful study of the product in terms of the prospective international market.

The global marketing professionals at Summit Development Company are very experienced in quickly identifying and optimizing international product development opportunities.


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